Vulcan’s Vineyard: NFT Farming 101

Learn how to harvest valuable items with only a bit of patience and PYR

Vulcan wants his puny mortals to enjoy his world. He wants them to explore, grow, interact and earn. That’s why he’s giving them access to his vineyard.

Vulcan’s Vineyard is located in the Olympian heavens. Anyone can farm there as long as they have a seed.

A seed will represent an NFT that has to grow in order to be harvested. Seeds can be items such as the Shield of Achilles (Vulcanite Defence + 25%) or Winged Boots of Hermes (Avatar speed + 25%).

They must be planted into Vulcan’s vineyard for a period of time with X $PYR and X Lava attached to it.

Items that can be farmed

A puny mortal is fumbling around the Woodlands of Ambrosia with their Level 2 Soter Vulcanite.

They sit down by another mortal’s stream to quench their thirst while letting Soter forage a nearby location.

Behold! He finds a seed representing edition 4/100 of Sepulchral armor.

The seed tells them they must send the seed to Vulcan’s Vineyard (A Smart Contract) with 30 PYR for 10 days. After the growing period, the seed has grown into their item and they may claim it.

Farming is one of the multiple ways to play-to-earn in VulcanVerse. Read about other ways in our PYR 101 article.


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