Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx NFTs Touch Down

Limited Edition Unique Collectible Sphinx Avatars Offering Ecosystem Buffs + Benefits

The first batch of 125 Vulcan’s Phalanx Sphinx avatars will be released on Wednesday 27th July at 4pm GMT.

The Sphinx. Part big cat. Cats care about their appearance, our Sphinxes are no different..




Heqsia has rarest wing type and therefore the fastest speed. Also, she wears the most powerful crown!


A chance to see the stats before the time is up? Go on, but you must be quick!

Unique Image, Name And Lore

Roast manflesh. Grimace.

Buffs and Benefits

General Sphinx Buffs + Perks (non-stackable)

Stackable Sphinx Buffs + perks:

Rare Item Sphinx Buffs + Perks:

Kauketsilla is rightfully proud of those awesome wings..

The Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Sphinx Collectible Avatar Cost?

Venly Wallet Won’t Work!? Help!

Can I Buy Multiple Avatars?

Can I Sell My Avatar / Can I Buy An Avatar on the Marketplace?

Are Some Avatars Rarer Than Others?

I Selected to ‘Decline, Make One Further Offering’ But Didn’t Make The Transaction. What Happens Now?

Where Do I Find The Full List of Buffs / Perks?

Are These Characters I Can Use in VulcanVerse?

I Missed The Sale, But I Want A Sphinx!

My Transaction Hasn’t Gone Through / I’m Still Waiting?!

Hey, Where’s My NFT?

Lore And Names You Say? Who Came Up With Those?

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