Vulcan’s Phalanx: NFT Avatar Collectibles With Solid Usecases

How Vulcan’s Phalanx Works, Avatar Buffs and Rare Items

Items / Characteristics

Damaris here, has a few of the more common characteristics including his weapon, the spear and regular body type.
Damaris’s twin brother Hippokrates is more successful. He has chest armour 3, bow & arrow 2 and is ripped, giving him some of the best stats.
The fabled full body armour, very rare!

Ecosystem Buffs

General Centaur Buffs + Perks (non-stackable)

Stackable Centaur Buffs + perks:

Rare Item Centaur Buffs + Perks:

Totally Unique

Instructions to mint

Launch is projected for 4pm GMT 26th April

Process is as follows:

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