Vulcan’s Phalanx Is At The Gates..

Get A Boost From A Unique Collectible NFT Arcadian Avatar Companion

Let the Gods Decide

Who’s hidden here? The gods will decide on a suitable centaur companion for you..

Five Waves of Unique Avatar Companions per Quadrant

Vulcan’s Phalanx Wave 1

Gardens of Arcadia- 500 Centaurs (April 2022)
Mountains of Boreas- 500 Minotaurs (May 2022)
Desert of Notus- 500 Sphinxes (July 2022)
Underworld of Hades- 500 Lamias (August 2022)

The gods won’t wait on you. Accept this sturdy looking fellow, or decline and offer more PYR for another roll of the dice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Venly Wallet Won’t Work!? Help!

Can I Buy Multiple Avatars?

Can I Sell My Avatar / Can I Buy An Avatar on the Marketplace?

Are Some Avatars Rarer Than Others?

I Selected to ‘Decline, Make One Further Offering’ But Didn’t Make The Transaction. What Happens Now?

Where Do I Find The Full List of Buffs / Perks?

Is There Synergy Of Some Sort?

Are These Characters I Can Use in VulcanVerse?

I Missed The Launch, But I Want A Centaur!

My Transaction Hasn’t Gone Through / I’m Still Waiting?!

Hey, Where’s My NFT?

Lore And Names You Say? Who Came Up With Those?

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