Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged to launch economy on Matic Network with PYR

NFT and dApp behemoth team up with top blockchain scalability platform.

About Vulcan Forged

VulcanVerse is the first AAA graphics standalone decentralized sandbox world with lore, MMO and gameplay features

Incentives for Bridging to Matic

About PYR

Brief Summary on Tokenomics

Discounted fees and prices on using PYR in the marketplace

Loyalty reward airdrops based on game activity (Play-to-Earn)

Staking and Reward Pools

Vulcan Marketplace Listings

FRENZY Gaming platform reward tokens

DeFi Game Dev Financing and Loyalty payments

Attention Token Utility

Brief Token Breakdown (Full details releases 30th Jan)

About Matic Network

NFT dApp ecosystem, game studio and marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse, powered with $PYR