Dev Diaries: Berserk

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V2.21.5 was released to Beta Testers on 10/10/2022, introducing a bunch of important changes to Berserk. Most notably, the New Beginnings card set (with 24 never-seen-before cards!) was released to all Beta Testers ahead of Season 3.

  • Blacklisted cards from Season 2 were fixed and reintroduced to the game.
  • In the past, the HP and attack score of a card were sometimes overlapped by Vulcanite frame. This will no longer occur.
  • Multiple error message issues were rectified (400, 500 & 503).
  • We also fixed a bug where «No Internet» and «Inactive Session» messages were appearing at the wrong time
  • A memory issue that appeared on older mobile devices after multiple reconnect attempts was also fixed.
  • We squashed a bug where RicardoBot was being allowed up to 8 cards on the table!
  • An issue where some card effects weren’t working properly when there was a VFX loading error was corrected.
  • We also rectified an issue where the Surrender button was not active in some cases.


Beta Testers were given access to V3.0.6 on 04/11/22. Like the update before it, some important gameplay changes were added to the game.

  • A complete rebuild of the game engine. massively improving performance on weaker devices or in heavy board states
  • Brand new server architecture.
  • All interactions now fully moved from Client Side to Server Side.
  • Improved security features, stability, game synchronisation and action delays.
  • Remaining blacklisted New Beginnings Cards were also enabled.


V3.1.1 rolled out on 22/11/22 to our Beta Testers. This release only included one significant gameplay change, where the card draw rate was adjusted from 1 per turn to 2 per turn from Turn 7 onwards — changing the tempo of the late game.

  • Fixing the Vulcanite ability, so that it doesn’t appear to be activatable even after the hero has been silenced.
  • Fixing scenarios that resulted in players being locked into a false pre-start match with no escape.
  • Ensuring that button presses and turn timer get muted as well when the volume slider is set to 0.
  • Making sure certain cards don’t overlap when played by the AI.
  • Stopping some cards from falling “behind” the cards in hand when deployed.
  • Making sure that the Good Game button notifies the opponent more consistently.


Released on 04/12/22, this version included some tweaks to previous gameplay updates applied to the beta version. Big thank you to the Beta Testers who provided feedback on these changes!

  • Sunfire Strike will no no longer destroy itself when played.
  • A disconnect issue that would kick players out fully, and require a re-login was corrected.
  • We continued work to prevent scenarios that result in a player being locked into a false pre-start match with no escape (we think we’ve got all of them now…)
  • We fixed an issue where “Cannot attack Stealth/immune/taunt” was appearing on every attack, regardless of actual target, or who controlled the relevant card.
  • We also corrected a UI issue where sometimes tooltip text would remain on the screen for the remainder of the match.


V3.1.4 is our most recent release, which went live on 09/12/22 to all platforms! This applied all of our hard work from previous releases to the live version of the game. We hope you’ve been enjoying it.

New Initiatives and Milestones

So with the game in a more stable place than ever before, what else is coming down the pipeline?



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