Claim $LAVA Gems and Multipliers

Get an added boost to your $LAVA generation by claiming a multiplier NFT gem

On Wednesday, 4pm GMT, 12th January, all Vulcan Forged users will get the chance to claim (or reclaim) a $LAVA generating gem and an NFT daily $LAVA multiplier.

As Vulcan’s minions know, $LAVA is the play-to-earn token generated from gameplay across Vulcan Forged games.

$LAVA can be used to buy materials, upgrade vulcanites, Gods and land (along with XP) and traded for $PYR or $USDC in VulcanDex.

We are giving you a chance to generate 1x5 daily $LAVA for simply holding $PYR in your wallets.

But wait, there’s more….

If you hit the snapshot date tomorrow with the below criteria of $PYR held (Matic layer), you will also receive an NFT multiplier gem that adds 1.5x to your daily generated $LAVA.

Note, these NFT gems are transferrable and limited. However, they can only be used on the exact gem tier you own.

Example: You can upgrade to the next tier/gem. However, if you upgrade to an epic gem for example. you will need the epic gem NFT multiplier.

Tier 1 Basic Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 1000–2000 PYR

Also receive: Basic Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 3

Tier 2 Common Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 2001–4000 PYR

Also receive: Common Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 6

Tier 3 Rare Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 4001–8000 PYR

Also receive: Rare Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 15

Tier 4 Mythic Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 8001–12000 PYR

Also receive: Mythic Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 35

Tier 5 Epic Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 12001–20000 PYR

Also receive: Epic Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 70

Tier 6 Legendary Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 20001–30000 PYR

Also receive: Legendary Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 150

Tier 7 Fire Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 30001–50000

Also receive: Fire Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 250

Tier 8 Cedalion Gem

Must hold in Vulcan Wallet: 50001+

Also receive: Cedalion Multiplier NFT

Daily $LAVA Rewards: 450

$LAVA daily rewards start on 16th August.

Disclaimer: Lava may be adjusted at Vulcan’s discretion depending on other LAVA generating methods to keep balance.


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