Announcing the Vulcan Game Launchpad — #SwitchToVulcan

Let us help you migrate or develop your NFT game with funding up to $2,000,000 with development support.

Vulcan Forged
3 min readMay 12, 2021


Vulcan Forged originally started out as a simple digital art NFT site called VeriArti. VeriArti is now rebranding to Agora and has become one of 10 Vulcan powered NFT dApps. Our community and game roster is constantly expanding, our marketplace volume is over $20m, we have signed multiple new partnerships, and PYR (the native Vulcan Forged token) is now successfully integrated into our marketplace.

We are now at a stage we are ready to expand to more games, more users and more third-party developers. Thus, we are creating a grant program of up to $2,000,000 for third parties to join the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

Why Vulcan?

Vulcan Forged prides itself on being community and developer centric. We abandon the tribalism and small focus of crypto-currency communities, and put gaming and user accessibility first. Here are some reasons to join our platform:

✔️No gas needed for developers to create NFTs

✔️Customized NFT creation tool

✔️Access to already established community

✔️No gas needed for marketplace transactions

✔️One wallet/access point to all games (meaning any user from any game can join yours)

✔️High volume marketplace with advanced features

✔️24/7 support with NFT creations, game development and community reach.

What is the launchpad?

The Vulcan Game Launchpad is an open application for anyone with an idea for an NFT game or dApp. We will be assessing all applications and choosing 50 of them to provide grants, technical support and marketing.

What’s the catch?

There is none. For us, the more games and users we have in the Vulcan ecosystem, the more we all grow, so it makes sense for us to incentivize game developers or those with ideas to join. Your NFTs will be forged by us, and our marketplace will have to be used, but you will always own your own game, assets and can set sales and profit revenues as you see fit.

What do we provide?

✔️Up to $40,000 in a development grant (paid in milestones)

✔️Access to your own ANVIL — A gas-free, no crypto NFT engine that allows you to create any NFT with the metadata you choose

✔️Technical and development support

✔️Introductions to our gaming development partners

✔️Marketing, initial NFT sale rounds, promotions, and access to our large community.

What is the process?

On 20th May, you will be able to apply. Please note there are requirements to be considered for the grant and incubation.

  • Must be a team of 3+
  • At least one must have experience in programming, gaming or web-development
  • Game must include NFTs
  • Game idea must be original
  • Development phases must be planned out

All requirements and application criteria will be laid out on 20th May.

N.B. We are accepting simple proposals that are only in concept stage for funding, but games/companies that have experience or an MVP will be prioritized.


This world is quickly expanding, with lots of information to be processed, here are some links to help you along your journey

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5. Vulcanites page

6. PYR Whitepaper

7. Vulcanverse Discord

8. Reddit

9. Telegram

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