AMA Highlights #01: January 2023

Join us as we recap our first AMA of the year!

Setting the Scene

Before Jamie gets stuck into answering questions, he goes over the high level situation with where we are at as a company. In case you missed his holiday video message over the New Year’s break, we’ve been doing some restructuring behind the scenes to reflect our growth strategy for 2023 and beyond.

  • Vulcan Forged is now the high-level parent company
  • Underneath Vulcan Forged, you now have Vulcan Studios, which produces all our titles including our flagship games VulcanVerse, Berserk, and more
  • You also have Elysium, our Layer 1 blockchain, as a separate entity with its own individual branding and style
  • Finally, you have MetaScapes, which is our separate metaverse project

What will the utility of $PYR in MetaScapes be?

Jamie believes MetaScapes’ potential is limitless and it will be quite different from our other games to date.

How will VulcanVerse compete with other metaverses like Zuckerberg’s metaverse?

We wouldn’t say that VulcanVerse is a competitor to Zuckerberg’s metaverse. By design, VulcanVerse is a hybrid between a sandbox-style game and an MMO such as World of Warcraft. While we’re not at that level of polish yet, Jamie views it as more of a game / sandbox / economy within a virtual world, whereas metaverses tend to be based more around VR technology and exploring.

What is the future of gameplay in VulcanVerse?

When we called out for questions, we got a lot about VulcanVerse gameplay. When are day and night cycles coming? When is Level 4 coming? What’s new with foraging and battle systems? Are there plans for actual gameplay in VulcanVerse? Before we tackle these, we wanted to add some historical context.

BEFORE (Arcadia Wineries)
AFTER (Arcadia Wineries)
  • Will it increase adoption?
  • Will it delight our players?
  • What’s the potential for monetization?
  • Level 4 land: until the refactoring work is completely finished, we can’t reach Level 4.
  • Day and night cycles: also on hold until after refactoring is complete.
  • New foraging and battle systems: this is being worked on as we speak and has been developed alongside the refactoring work that’s going on and all the new visual updates.
  • New music: we do have a few more tracks from Jeff Wootton (of The Gorillaz) that we haven’t implemented yet. Music isn’t our highest priority at the moment, though there is the possibility that we may add or change music in the future.
  • Automatically sorted inventories: yes, a solution is being worked on.

Will there be battle squirrels in Troy?

According to Jamie, this is probably the most essential question of the AMA.

Which quarter of the year are you looking forward to most?

This quarter (“Hands down!”), is Jamie’s response.

COMING SOON: Visual upgrades for Hades Necropolis

Will there be a challenge to win a full trip for two to New York including VulCon tickets?

Jamie says there is a possibility for something like this.

What is the team’s marketing strategy to bring in the masses for Berserk Season 3?

Season 3 is a great opportunity to implement key learnings from Season 2 and where our game is at right now.

Are you in talks with Binance to integrate Elysium as a deposit / withdrawal option?

Yes, we are. Without saying too much, we are following the correct steps to integrate Elysium with all the major exchanges, including Binance.

What will be the purpose of the Quad Allegiance on the My Forge website, and when?

This is a great question!

When will the community quest toolkit be ready?

We believe this is going to be one of the biggest game changers for the whole of VulcanVerse. We intend to give you the basic mechanics that you need to create your own quests.

Can you update us on partner projects, and those that have fallen at the wayside?

With our new C-Levels joining, we’ve been improving our processes across the board and making them more official than they used to be. We’re ensuring that contracts are signed before we announce who’s joining Elysium, as unfortunately we’ve had a few cases where companies or projects have said they’re coming to Elysium, marketed off our back, and then disappeared.

Can we have more info about the Frenzy Pass?

We’re really excited about the introduction of the Frenzy Pass.

What are some use cases for Vulcan Phalanx?

Feel free to ask more questions about this in the #vulcan-phalanx channel in our Discord. Neswulf, the project lead, has answered this many questions about Phalanx there.

How many Cronus nodes have been claimed?

Ones that we can publicly announce right now are:

  • Anthony Scaramucci / Skybridge
  • Bergz

Will new levels be released for Tower Defense?

Yes, for sure!

What is the current future of Block Babies and other Vulcan Games titles?

We wouldn’t say that Block Babies is dying, but we’ve certainly picked our priorities now. We have selected the games that are getting the most traction and deserve the development of spending power to progress. That isn’t to say that Block Babies is ruled out forever (in fact, Jamie thinks there is an enormous market for Block Babies), but when we have the amount of developers we have, we need to prioritize our resources thoughtfully. 130 developers and blockchain designers seems like a lot, but across all of our games it realistically isn’t that many.

  • VulcanVerse
  • Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed
  • Tower Defense
  • Vulcan Runner
  • Vulcan’s Creed
  • MetaScapes

How has your (Jamie’s) role changed in 2023?

Jamie says:

When will Elysium Launchpad start working?

We try not to give exact dates, but again, we intend to deliver a lot of Elysium-related things this month.

Can you give us some more information about Vulcan Forged skins?

Good question! We’d love to push out a hundred different clothing sets for the avatars, but this is a perfect example of us not setting up the foundational work properly and why the refactoring work we’re doing is so critical.

Wrapping Up the AMA

That’s it for now! Thank you to everyone who showed up to our live AMA, and a special thanks to everyone who submitted a question in Discord.



NFT dApp ecosystem, game studio and marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse, powered with $PYR

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NFT dApp ecosystem, game studio and marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse, powered with $PYR