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Vulcan Forged

What makes VulcanVerse unique is that it is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) backed by blockchain technology and lore written by fighting fantasy authors. What this means is that inside VulcanVerse, players can truly own assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

VULCAN FORGED is excited to announce that our partner NIFTYPAYS will be releasing 100 exclusive NFTs on the Vulcan Marketplace.

The NiftyPays NFTs will grant access to the upcoming public sale
on VulcanDex and TrustPad.

NiftyPays are also giving first access to their IDO on VulcanDex BEFORE it goes live…

Somewhere in the sands of the desert, three Sphinxes slumber in eternal repose, awaiting the next age of the gods, should it ever come.

Welcome to Notus, home to the great desert. Located southeast of Vulcan city, it is home to neverending sand and hidden treasure

In this medium…

And the Mountains he named for the Winter Wind that blows from out of the mighty peaks: Boreas.

Welcome to Boreas, Located northwest of Vulcan city, it is home to imposing mountains, and wild winter winds.

In this medium, you’ll find information on all the currently available Vulcanverse vulcanites…


Welcome to the Underworld of Hades, Located in the southwest of Vulcan city, it is home to a dark and macabre setting for all of the players of the VulcanVerse to enjoy.

In this medium, you’ll find information…

Everywhere life blossomed with joyous abandon.

Welcome to Arcadia, the Garden of the Gods in Olympus. Located northeast of Vulcan city, it is home to lush gardens and verdant forests.

In this medium, you’ll find information on all the currently available Vulcanverse vulcanites for Arcadia, including the Non-NFT vulcanites…

Boost your $LAVA income!

Receive $LAVA by staking $PYR. Use the multiplier NFT to 1.5x your rewards. Introduction of the bonus $LAVA over time reward.


As Vulcan’s minions know, the on-chain token called $LAVA is the play-to-earn token generated from gameplay across Vulcan Forged games. It will be the life-blood of the entire ecosystem…


One of the most amazing features inside the Vulcanverse is the everchanging landscape created by the different users

Gather round mortals. Let Vulcan tell you a story.

Top lad Dave sees all this hype around this Vulcan Forged thing on Twitter. Games look good, earning while playing even cooler. He doesn’t have a spare $6k to buy land in VulcanVerse though as he’s saving for his wedding. So, he goes and plays a game of Berserk. Fun…

Vulcan Forged

NFT dApp ecosystem, game studio and marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse, powered with $PYR

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