10 Points of Action Update 4

1. Finish current games

Marketing Update

2. Announce C-Level hires

3. Redefine our play-to-earn economy

  • $LAVA will become a static supply on Elysium only. More than 500m and less than 5bl. We know the number but won’t reveal it yet.
  • $LAVA will only be available after a gateway through $PYR. Examples including purchasing the Frenzy Pass (or gifting it to a Cedalion), holding a Forge Tier of $PYR to generate it or buying a $LAVA gem.
  • $LAVA will be deflationary, meaning on each transaction it will be burned and pegged to USD for transactions.
  • Frenzy games will still need a $LAVA entry fee, of which half will still be burned.
  • For $PYR to be the cow that produces valuable milk and for $LAVA to be at a sustainable value (thus increasing incentive for playing and holding $PYR) we believe a deflationary static supply is necessary.

Marketing Update

4. MetaScapes

  • Cinematic film & trailers.
  • Ongoing marketing & development.
  • New concept work + images.
  • Alpha commenced & concept/description/gameplay are being documented (work in progress)
  • Concept design for the four maps (based on the four environments — work in progress)
  • CGI assets for the game (work in progress)
  • Character creation (work in progress)

Marketing Update

5. Mobile gaming focus

Marketing Update

6. Migration to Elysium


  • Certik Audit is in progress.
    Preliminary report has been provided this week. In regards to the bridge, zero critical points were flagged. 3 classed as major were raised, in regards to access control that will be easily dealt with and cleared. The rest of the minor flags are in regards to code optimization. Nonceblox has already started addressing the necessary adjustments. Certik continues on chain testing with erc20 and erc721.
  • Mapped PYR (PYR that is bridged in) and wrapped LAVA (LAVA is the gas and native coin of Elysium, contract is needed to “wrap it” to tokenize it for use in dexes and smart contracts) both need to have the Lossless protocol included into their contracts. Rana is working with Lossless on this as well.
  • API Services for Elysium were updated and provided by Nonceblox.

Elysium Website

My Forge / Marketplace

  • Ongoing community testing of Elysium testnet with Metamask hasn’t revealed any issues.
  • Switch to Elysium can start when Audit and Bridge integrations are finalized and the Elysium Vulcan Forged NFTs are complete with minting and ready to replace users Vechain NFTs.



  • Aegis is being integrated to monitor for hostile activity and protect the bridge. Elysium chain is active on aegis.lossless.io- this first step of adding support for the Elysium network to their monitoring infrastructure is complete.
  • Audit is still underway, on track for preliminary report end-of-month.
  • The front end of the bridge had its design in theme with Elysium approved. Currently being integrated.


  • Night Angel has been provided with the new images for Vulcanites. Elysium mints continue.
  • The API necessary to modify the metadata of the NFTs has been provided by Vaival, making them dynamic. This has been tested on testnet successfully. It is also deployed on mainnet.
  • Night Angel as POC of the migration of the VF NFTs, has set the procedure to batch mint all replacements as efficiently as possible. NFT issues, such as the white Medusas will need to be addressed later. For now, priority is getting the initial replacements minted into a VF wallet.
  • The API to be used by dApps for the Elysium NFTs is done. Was migrated to AWS and shifted to dynamoDB to improve performance.
    Mainnet: : https://elysiumnft.vulcanforged.com/
    Testnet: https://elysium-nft-api.vulcanforged.com/

Additional Services Provided by Nonceblox

  • Cloud Wallet, Game SDK, JS SDK, SDK Docs, API Services, and Dev Portal have been finalized by Nonceblox.
  • Cloud Wallet was updated and confirmed now functional, and a design has been provided for review.
  • API Services were updated and redeployed.
  • Game SDK still needs to be verified by the Game team.

Elysium | Substrate based Smart Contract Platform

Marketing Update

7. UX, User Retention & Marketing

Marketing Update

8. ElysiumSwap and Launchpad


  • Testnet complete. Waiting for token deployments on mainnet.
  • Design work to improve mobile access was actioned.

Elysium Launchpad

  • QA is ongoing, and cleaning up some front-end bugs
  • Tiers for the staking requirements have been set after discussion with Jason, and will be pegged to set dollar amounts. Work has started to ensure launching a project involves a snapshot of pyr $ value to determine the tiers of participants.
  • Mock IGO is being planned to run through the entire flow to ensure all standards are met.

9. VulcanVerse Gameplay


Marketing Update

10. US expansion

Marketing Update



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