10 Points of Action Update 3

1. Finish current games

2. Announce C-Level hires

3. Redefine our play-to-earn economy

4. MetaScapes

  • Cinematic film & trailers.
  • Ongoing marketing & development.
  • New concept work + images.
  • Alpha commenced & concept/description/gameplay are being documented.
  • Concept design for the four maps (based on the four environments)
  • CGI assets for the game
  • Character creation

5. Mobile gaming focus

6. Migration to Elysium

  • Migration protocol for VF NFTs. Minting of new/replacement NFTs on Elysium has already begun.
  • Certain partners have already begun bridging their Polygon/Ethereum NFTs.
  • Audit is still underway, still on track for preliminary report at the end of the month.
  • Aegis + Bridge integration from Lossless is underway
  • The bridge front-end design was approved, so it’s being added by Vaival
  • Testing of My Forge + Metamask continues. Presently QAQC testing at this point, there have been no issues.
  • NFT minting of VF NFTs in preparation for the migration continues on NightAngel’s end
  • Launchpad dev work continues. We’re approaching a point soon where we can run a mock IGO and fine-tune the flows
  • 1. NFTs API infrastructure upgrade for Vulcan Forged has also started and is in progress, the team have set up the APIs on AWS and instead of using MySQL, the APIs are now being shifted to DynamoDB for maximum performance.
  • 2. Some UI improvement has been made in the explorer along with data improvements and search improvements are also in progress.
  • 3. Elysium Bridge’s new design has been completed and its front-end work has been started yesterday. The Elysium UI/UX should be in sync with Elysium theme.
  • 4. Design work on the tools of Elysium are also in progress, which includes
  • 4.1. Elysium Marketplace
  • 4.2. Cloud Wallet
  • 4.3. API
  • 4.4. SDK
  • 4.5. Developer tools for third parties.
    Note- Not just the design of these tools but also the navigation between and linking of all these applications is also in the design phase, so that the whole Elysium ecosystem module is interconnected.
  • 5. Setting up the testnet RPC and node is in progress at present.
  • 6. Integration of Elysium in My Forge and the marketplace is also complete along with Metamask

7. UX, User Retention & Marketing

8. ElysiumSwap and Launchpad

9. VulcanVerse Gameplay


10. US expansion



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